Mitzi is a curious person. Born to a Japanese professor of politics and a midwestern Jewish genealogist in a predominantly white, Christian California neighborhood, she gave up fitting in at an early age and gravitated toward the alternative track: she wrote comic books, shot I Love Lucy reenactments with friends, and from age nine trained 20+ hours a week as a competitive gymnast, ranking 8th in the nation in her beloved uneven bars. She graduated from UC Davis with honors in creative writing and Japanese language, plus a minor in art, and has made a career of her childhood obsessions: writing, drawing, film and backflips.


Now in New York, Mitzi contributes her particular talents and peculiar humor to a variety of projects: there's Lowlives, a melancholy comedy series she co-everythinged with funny guy John Hein about a cranky, mixed millennial couple; The Shit Show, a riot of a talk show about the acting industry; several short, episodic and feature scripts of hilariously dissimilar tones; and appearances in other people's work. The J-Horror epic Bashira, in which she stars among Liam Aiken and Kiki Sukezane, will be out as soon as Nickson Fong (Godzilla, The Patriot, The Matrix franchise) puts the finishing touches on a world of special effects, while several recent projects have found homes at Tribeca, Outfest and Dances with Films in 2021. You can see her in award-winning shorts (like 86'd, a Koch-era NYC late-nite deli story written and directed by Alan Palomo of Neon Indian and shot on film by Safdie Brothers' go-to Sean Price Williams, which premiered at Maryland Film Festival and stars Mitzi alongside comedian Seaton Smith and Buddy Duress of Good Time), on TV (e.g., Comedy Central's Alternatino, where Mitzi puts Arturo Castro in hot water by mistaking him for a "dreamer"), or in one of dozens of commercials for snack foods, iPads and birth control. To find her in person, you might try the hot sauce aisle or a circus school near you. A member of SAG-AFTRA, she is represented by CESD Talent Agency and Untitled Entertainment.