Mitzi is an actor based in New York (by way of a few other places). Her first steps were in Ohio, and shortly after her first birthday she was off to California - not LA, but the always overcast Monterey Bay. She split her time between two obsessions, gymnastics and art, and deep in her mother's attic are the medals to prove she wasn't bad at either. Next was UC Davis where she learned to speak her father's native Japanese, and learned English better, too, graduating with honors in creative writing plus a minor in art. She then skipped country for Japan, passing her first year in the middle of nowhere, Nagano, where she taught English to preteens during the day and wrote at night; the next few were in Tokyo, where upon being scouted she started modeling and acting and immersing until she eventually - you guessed it - "found herself."


That's when she moved to New York, where she is very happily contributing her particular talents and peculiar humor to a variety of projects: there's Lowlives, a short, melancholy comedy series about a mixed millennial couple in New York leading unfulfilling lives made fuller diagnosing everyone else's emptiness, co-everythinged with funny guy John Hein; The Shit Show, a regularly occurring riot of a talk show about the acting industry; three feature scripts of hilariously dissimilar tones; and appearances in other people's work, from 2-hour J-Horrors to short romances and experimental snack food commercials. When she's not working, you can find her sampling hot sauces or training for the circus. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA represented by CESD Talent Agency and Untitled Management.

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